Headliner Shelf Kit - Sprinter

The Headliner Shelf Kit is ready to upholster/paint & install.

Kit includes:
– Headliner Shelf
– 4 Brackets
– 8 Screws

$245.00 USD

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How To Install:

Installing the Titan headliner shelf is easy. Once you have assembled the shelf and finished it to your style, you will need to remove four fasteners from your Sprinter. Remove both the driver and passenger coat hangers on the B-columns (where the seat belts are attached). The coat hangers have a plastic cover on them. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry them off. Once removed, use a torx bit to remove the screws holding the small metal brackets on. The two remaining fasteners that need to be removed are located on the grab handles of the visor. Locate the bolts on the rear of the handles for both the driver and passenger side, and use a torx bit to remove. Install the supplied brackets on the driver side ONLY. The front driver bracket (the large wide one) will slip behind the visor handle, you can then reinstall the bolt. The bracket should be sticking straight up from the visor. The bracket on the driver side B-column (the longer skinnier bracket) should slide behind the plastic B-column cover and up against the headliner. You can then reinstall the coat hanger bracket and screw. Now you can install the headliner shelf. Place the shelf on the driver side brackets, keeping the passenger side of the shelf angled down, and pivot the shelf up. You will not be able to slide the headliner shelf straight in, it must be placed at an angle without the passenger brackets installed. Once you have lifted the shelf level with the van, you can now install the passenger brackets. The install is identical to the driver side. Fasten your headliner shelf onto the mounting brackets using the provided wood screws.